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Photoshop - The Move Tool - V

The move tool moves a selection or an entire layer around on the canvas. Access the move tool by clicking the arrow icon at the top of the tool bar or press V as the keyboard shortcut.

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The Move Tool - V:

The Move Tool

Photoshop - Moving Selections

Move a selection by first having a selection active via the Marquee Tool and then clicking the left mouse button and dragging the selction about the canvas.

Selections can also be "nudged" using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Nudging moves the selection one pixel at a time pressing shift+arrow key will nudge the selection 10 pixels at a time.

Also, please take note that Photoshop will not allow you to move an empty selection. Selections can quickly be filled with the foreground color by tapping alt+backspace or option+backspace and then the selection can be moved about the canvas. Pressing delete will remove the filling.

Moving Selections:

Moving Selections

Photoshop - Moving Layers

An entire layer can be moved by first clicking on the layer from the layers palette to activate it. Then click on the canvas and move the layer about the screen or nudge it here and there using the arrow keys.

Move a Layer:

Move a Layer Move a Layer

Photoshop - Move Tool Options

The annoyance of always having to select the move tool icon is overshadowed by its enormous array of options.

Photoshop - Auto Select Layer Option

Checking this option means that when a selection is clicked to be moved, the layer which contains that selection will also be selected allowing for easy moving of a selection. This comes in handy when we learn about saving selections.

Auto Select Layer Option:

Auto Select Layer Option

Photoshop - Show Bounding Box

The Show Bounding Box option highlights the selection with a 9 point box. Clicking and dragging on a point will stretch or shrink the selection. Dragging the center point skews the selection.

The bounding box works the same as does the transform command. Press Ctrl+T or Command+T to transform a selection.

Show Bounding Box:

Show Bounding Box Bounding Box Example

Photoshop - Move Tool Alignment Options

Layer Alignment Options:

Layer Alignment Options

The next several icons are used to align entire layers with another. These tools automatically calculate where to move a layer to align the vertical and horizontal edges as well as the horizontal and vertical centers. To use these icons you must have two layers, then make a selection on one layer and activate the layer you wish to align the selection with.

Align Layers:

Align Layers

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