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Photoshop - Motion Blur and Add Noise

Create custom textures with the Add Noise and Motion Blur filters.

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  1. Create a new document 800 pixels by 800 pixels.

  2. New Document 800x800

  3. Fill the entire document with any color you'd like Ctrl + Backspace We used color #8C5117.

  4. Ctrl+Backspace

  5. Select a New contrasting color as the foreground color and go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise.

  6. Filter>Noise>Add Noise

    Add Noise Options Box:

    The Add Noise options box yields several options, which are discussed in detail in another lesson, for now just play around with colors and amounts of noise until you get a look that suits your needs. We used the color #C8AE95 for the foreground and selected the monochromatic check box.

  7. Next add a 37% - Uniform noise pattern and don't forget to select the monochromatic check box.

  8. 37% noise - Uniform, Monochromatic

  9. Then go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur and add the following motion blur.

  10. Motiong Blur

You should now have a texture that might resemble wood grain.

Final Finale

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