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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS

If you are reading this tutorial, then you have probably heard of Adobe's Photoshop program maybe even purchased and installed the software. What you may be looking for are some answers to questions like where to begin? or What is the hype all about? Photoshop is huge and very overwhelming at first glance.

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This tutorial is aimed to answer those questions and more. When you are finished you should be capable of performing a number of image editing techniques. Our goal is to have you the viewer come away from the tutorial with fundamental knowledge of Photoshop as well as posses the necessary skills to fully empower the capabilities Photoshop offers.

What can Photoshop do for me?

Photoshop has countless real world applications including: web design, logos, graphics, lay-outs, image touch-ups, color enhancement. This program has everything from a paintbrush to color filters that transform everyday images into professional publications.

Purpose of this Tutorial

We offer this tutorial to those interested in learning about Adobe's Photoshop program. We would like to share our thoughts and insights to help inspire aspiring artists and shed some light into a very vast abyss. Nearly every Photoshop expert is self-taught, a desire to learn and dedicated practice is all that is required of you.

What you Should Know

Before continuing, we expect that you are familiar enough with your computer to already have Photoshop CS installed and ready to begin diving head first into our step by step walkthrough of the program. Also, you should have a general understanding of how to create documents and save them to your computer.

  1. Have a copy of Photoshop installed.
  2. Have a general understanding of your computer.
  3. Have several images on your hard drive to modify.
  4. Have a good attitude and plenty of patience.

Installation help is available at Adobe. They offer a trial download of the application if you register with them.

Opening Photoshop the First Time

After installation you are offered the opportunity to run Photoshop. You will be offered an option or two depending on the version of Photoshop that you install.

A common prompt box that appears is one offering the configuration of Color Settings. The message displays something like "Color settings for Photoshop CS will be configured using default..." This is simply offering you the option to edit your color settings at this time, which is probably not a good idea since you may not know a great deal about Photoshop as of yet. The best option for now is to not edit your color schema at this time and save it for a later lesson.

After that, another box will pop up (versions 8.0 CS and later) offering tutorials, tips and tricks, and again the color settings option. Links also exist with information about the new features of Photoshop. The built in tutorials are great! They offer lots of great examples and a walkthrough of many sorts.

If you close this box, you are now starring at the program desktop. There should be a toolbar on the left hand side of the screen as well as several "boxes" along the right hand side. In the middle lies the stage. The stage is where you will open, create, and edit images using Photoshop.

Photoshop CS:

Photoshop Desktop

Real World Applications

Photoshop CS is used for most of the following real world examples.

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Movie Posters
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Brochures
  • T-Shirt Design

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